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Body Challenge 2007

Over brunch at the Camp John Hay manor last Sunday, I and two other friends made a pact--not of blood but of beer--that the one who sheds the most weight among us gets a staggering P10,000. In three months and right before we go back to Baguio, he who loses the most (poundage) gains the most (money). The agreement was ironically made over bacon and scrambled eggs, longganisa and garlic fried rice, and boisterous laughter hiding an earnest seriousness to win the prize. That much money does not fall from trees nowadays.

Before we would weigh ourselves at my house as soon as we got back from the trip, we decided it proper to have one last supper. We stopped at the Isdaan restaurant, somewhere in Tarlac (who knows where?) to fill our bellies till they burst for the following day we knew we would dine in hell.

We ordered the following:
Sinigang na hipon
Kare-kareng bulalo prime cut
Inihaw na liempo (marinated overnight)
Lechon manok (one whole)
Tacpasiao na gulay (Filipino kimchi)
"BSK" or bagong saing na kanin
There were only five of us and everything was clean to the bones.

When we got home for the weigh-in, we did not look like boxers flexing their muscles as they stood on the scale; we looked more like cow meat bought wholesale. While divulging our exact weight would only make our challenge all the more laughable, it cannot be denied that, after some computation, all of us were thirty to forty pounds over our ideal weight. And I was the heaviest; those nightly Outback trips are traitors, now I learn--not only do they rob you of money but they also give you a beer belly. But hey, I was the tallest, right?

We all had different strategies planned--with "planned" as the operative word. They are as follows:
Bhonny: intense training in the mornings which includes running; to be assisted by his brother; eating less carbs.
Arnel: daily workout in the gym; to be assisted by his girlfriend who is a gym buff herself; seafood diet plan.
Myself: red wine (in place of beer) and sheer will power.
And so it started last Monday. Well, at least only for them as I had a last drinking spree with friends from the department that night and even a hotdog on the way home. Partida.

But what has been amusing me since Monday is the "taunting" we've been doing via text message. We "inform" each other of our meals and progress; and the fun thing about it is that we will never know if they are true or not. Here are some excerpts from our messages which not only prove that each one is decided to win the money but that we also have nothing else to do the whole day:
Bhonny: Kamusta na ang unang araw ng challenge mga katunggali ko?
Myself: Lost three pounds already. First day pa lang yan ha.
Bhonny: Ayos! Magge-gain ka pa naman ng 5 lbs bukas eh.

Myself: Had oatmeal for breakfast. Now taking beef brisket and dumpling noodle soup for lunch. Will not have dinner.
Arnel: My meals today: breakfast: 1 pc. porkchop adobo, 1/2 cup rice; lunch: 8 pcs. salmon sashimi; merienda: camomile tea, 1 slice banana. Am on my way to Gold's gym right now. Kayo?
Myself: Had seven beers for dinner. No food. It's called the beer diet.
Arnel: Pare kung pumayat ka diyan sa dinevelope mong beer diet ipapatent natin iyan. Gawin nating parang south beach diet. KUNG pumayat ka.
Myself: San Mig Light naman eh.

Arnel: Breakfast: three slices raisin bread; lunch: kinilaw na tangigue. Kabahan na kayo...
Myself: Bread? Carbs yan. Nakakataba.
Arnel: Tinanggal ko naman yung raisin eh kaya less sugar.
Myself: Sayang, healthy pa naman ang raisin and you burn the sugar naman. Hindi tuloy masarap yung kinain mo. Tsk tsk. Ako tuna salad with lite Japanese dressing for lunch. No carbs.
Arnel: Baka naman mahilo ka na sa kagutuman.

Myself: Bhonny's lunch: Lechon Macau, asado siopao, buchi and two cans of coke.
Bhonny: Paano mo nalaman?
Myself. I have spies.

Myself: My mom bought four bottles of wine for me. Inom lang kayo ng beer ha.
Arnel: Matindi yan ah may family support pa!

Bhonny: Partida sa mga kalaban: maghahapunan ako ng porkchop noodle sa Tasty sa Binondo.
Myself: Damihan mo ha. Kainin mo yung taba ng porkchop.
Arnel: Bhon, ipagpatuloy mo yang mga partida mo sa pagkain ng lechong macau at porkchop. Tapos ibigay mo na din sa amin ang P5,000 mo. Mukhang ngayon pa lang talo ka na.
Myself: Yehey! May P2,500 na ako!

Arnel: Free running? Wine drinking? Hay naku kayong dalawa. Ibigay niyo na lang sa akin yung pot natin. Hopeless kayo.
Myself: May exercise din ako. Nakakuha na ako ng personal trainer. Si Freddie Roach

Arnel: Lost three pounds already in just 3 days. At this rate 90 lbs. na lang ako by Dec. 13.
Myself: Baka di ka na talaga namin makita sa dilim!

Bhonny: Started the day with a 10K run, 50 push-ups and 30 sit-ups. Just to give you guys an idea who you're up against.
Myself: Nakakatakot si Bhonny ah. Di lang pumapayat, nag-iingles pa!
Arnel: Nagdedeliryo na si Bhonny. Epekto yan ng katakawan niya sa lechon macau.

Now, if I do lose out by December--which I expect to happen--I would gladly give up P5,000 for all this fun and readily bulk up again with beer come Christmas.


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