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The Topography of Joy and Anxiety

For my friends in UP CW342—with heartfelt gratitude

Joy must have sorrow, sorrow must be transfigured in joy. —F. W. J. Schelling, Philosophical Inquiries

Prologue A wise man said that Venice is lovely not because Venice is lovely but because of the lovers who love there. There is meaning to this. The world and its beautiful landscapes, its hidden spaces of inescapable grandeur, its quivering sunsets which retrospectively judge that each day be different from the rest, and its, in a word, meaning, are not holographically, as if vainly, projected by themselves, but can only come to mean something—anything—because of the love that they contained. Places, events, that is to say, this world of angry rocks and indifferent terrains, this world of passing seasons, life and death, merely frame the love that can only be born out of itself; they do not make love, but they sustain and bear—witness to?— love. The world first marks itself as the free horizon against which a possible love may be. But…