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Citrus Love

A cousin of mine is getting married. I went to her despedida last night. As per the invitation, we were to wear citrus colors such as lime green, yellow and orange. I thought that was funny.

As usual, the rest of us cousins talked about who was going to marry next. Not that we resolve anything in these speculations drowned or colored by alcohol; it was just so we could tease each other--and even perhaps squeeze out any at all information if any of us were already planning the escape from solitary bliss. Well, for me, at least, being single is a happy life--though I would not go so far as saying that it is a blessed life. Not yet. Because I am not a monk yet, which I plan on being somewhere down the road. So I'm pretty happy: not fantastically so but happy enough.

My cousin who will walk down the aisle soon is younger than me by a few months. We were teasing her that she did not ask for permission by skipping me and another cousin my age, by marrying before us, leaving the both of us…

On Nothing

So I can finally write.

Though writing is not the only thing I haven't had the chance to do for what has felt like an eternity. There's reading, too, and watching DVDs, drinking in the afternoon, seeing some relatives and friends, and, perhaps, most sorely missed is taking those long naps with neither plan nor concern as to what time I shall wake up. Yes, it's semestral break; and you thought only students look forward to these breathers.

Not that I crawled my way to the break. Actually--and thank God--I was surprised that my first semester back was fairly, well, ordinary, for lack of a better word. Of course, it was tiring: getting your body back to the rhythm of teaching; preparing for lessons almost all morning like a rookie; acquainting myself to teaching in another school as well, and so going from one to the other twice a week; and fighting off those terrible hangovers--well, at least some things did not change.

Throw in some extra work for the department and for my par…

Good, Love, Power


Why cannot I not do the Good?

It's never a question of a moral upbringing or of education or of religion; on the contrary, these only provide the rational framework for our actions. I did this because of this, did not do that because of that--but either way the deed has been done, and only then do I deploy my reasons to explain for any such action. Yet at the moment of decision, of choosing to do this instead of that, in those moments which Jaspers called "limit situations," when reason is stretched to its limits (and eventually broken) and finally set aside, at that moment, I do not have a hold on these frameworks, do not have a hold on anything--precisely when I am staring at an abyss that attracts me--I still could not but act--jump or stay?--not because, but even in spite of such reasons that can easily be supplied after the fact. Hence delayed wisdom: we only learn something when it is done, when I have seen the consequences of my actions. There is profound meaning …

The Philosopher


Jean-Luc Marion
taken by t h e s a i n t
11 September 2008