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I sit here in a silence that does not come from the things around me but one that resonates from within me.

There are silences and silences; and this one is the silence of a storm that has just announced itself. A great storm, a wonderful storm!

A storm which does not destroy but one that levels everything--my past failures and my highest hopes--in order to build, and begin again. Watch me begin again!--as if nothing was built or done or accomplished!

The storm of thought: one that lays waste to all that is in order to prepare all that can be. Only what is yet to come is true.

After taking away all the rest, one maxim still hangs and lords it over this clearing. It comes from a letter of Kant to a certain Bernoulli:
Before true philosophy can arise, it is necessary that the old philosophy destroy itself.


The Hours

I came back from a trip last night.

And when I settled back into my room, seeing it well cleaned with new sheets and books properly piled anew on the shelves, I was welcomed by the familiar and it said, So here we are again. And I answered Hello, my old friend.

I'm very careful now to ease myself back into things after being away. It does not matter if "being away" consisted of an overnight stay in Batangas or five weeks in the States: all I need is to rupture the go-around, to not see the usual, to just think about what to eat, when to drink, or what to buy and set aside everyday concerns. I am not talking about "escaping" reality. It's just evacuating the everyday--but in a total and absolute fashion. Hence, it is called vacation.

And the reason that I make the transition between going away and going back more, well, subtle and easy and kind is that I do not want to ask why: why can't I live on a permanent vacation, why do I have to go back to things som…