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Pahabol sa Naiwang Tanong

Naghahanap ng kasagutan sa isang suliranin na naiwan dito, tinananong ko ang aking mga estudyante: "Paano magiging iba ang ikalawa, ikatlo, ika-apat, atbp. na pag-ibig?" Kung may pagkakatulad ang bawat pag-ibig (ligaya o lungkot, pag-alay o paghihirap, sarap o sakit), maaari nga bang sabihing bago ang isang bagong pag-ibig?

Pag-ibig kasi ang paksa namin ngayon sa klase (ngayon lamang, hindi ko naman araw-araw itong pinag-uusapan: may iba rin naman kaming inaaral). Sabi ko mayroon akong pilosopikal na problema (at hindi personal, nilinaw ko) na gumulo sa isipan ko kamakailan. Problema dahil nais kong maniwala, o kailangan kong maniwala, na bago ang bawat pag-ibig; na hindi ito arbitraryo o walang pangingilatis kung sino ang iniibig dahil ang mahalaga'y basta maranasan muli ang pakiramdam ng pag-ibig. At hindi lamang dapat bago ang pag-ibig dahil sa bago ang iniibig, datapwat kakaiba sa ganang may inaalok ito na hindi pa naranasan dati; may binubuksang mga bagong landas; m…

Secret Pleasures

It's amusing and disappointing at the same time that I've been doing "The Office" (Season 4) marathons for the past three days. Amusing because I enjoy it immensely; but disappointing because I know I'm stalling so I can postpone all the things I should be doing. (I should take my own advice.)

But there's nothing like Michael Scott earnestly saying really stupid things ("I'm really not that superstitious. Just a little stitious."), feeling for Dwight as he sees the Andy and Angela romance develop within a few feet away from him, and just seeing Kevin and Creed--such great actors--is a side treat.

Aside from "The Office", "House" is the only other series I watch. I have long ago tried to look for things I can write about when I watch both. It's not that I have not been able to find any. But I've always said that we do not write about the things or, more so, people closest to us. I have always wondered what that says abo…

Sorrow is a Windowless Castle

"Had my melancholy and sadness been anything other than a blessing, it would have been impossible for me to live without her. The few single days I have really been happy, humanly speaking, I have always longed indescribably for her, her whom I have loved dearly and who with her pleading also touched me so deeply. But my melancholy and the suffering in my soul have made me perpetually unhappy in human terms--and so I have had no joy to share with her."

--Kierkegaard, Journals

Dear Reader,

Should you love even if you are unhappy?

An Ode to Laziness


We are not always and necessarily what we do. This relatively new phenomenon, which requires us to introduce ourselves by first saying what we do for a living or by suffixing our names with cryptic initials, has only led us to believe that we can only be what we already are or, at the very least, with the hot air in the midst of which first greetings are made, that we are happy with what we have become.

It has not always been this way. Before Benjamin Franklin wrote his instructions, which in their cheaply printed form now sit on the desks of many an aspiring office drone, or before Weber noticed the preternatural diligence of Protestants, who held that their salvation lay not in the stars but in the worldly success they owe to their own hands, one was allowed to be a cabbage farmer while responding to late night calls as the neighborhood doctor, or a to be a seer while doing shoe repairs if there were no urgent questions.

When capitalism promised that exponential return (in principle…