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On why we need distractions

Living, with all the misery, trouble and anxiety that go with it, is too difficult and so serious that the man who begins to consider it honestly and ponders over it without restraint would in no time find it hard to even walk--like the immobile who wanted to see Medusa's eyes. We were never made to understand our impossible condition. This is why the thinker and the genius tiptoe on the brink of madness or are more likely to take their own lives than anyone else. They contemplate the world and every thing that they see--the wretched rock, the inviting abyss, the universe without answers--either causes alarm or deep sorrow.  Happy is he who asked and forgot all about the question. Happier still is he who did not seek because he had no question. But for the rest of us who continue to look for a purpose for living and a reason in dying--we are the unfortunate ones. When our distractions, which alone afford us all those smiles, laughter and hope, fail to cover over the severity of h…

Friends and Lovers

A recent conversation, which was often personal and at times heated, led to the question whether it is possible or necessary or even better to have as your lover a friend, either a good one or the best one, of course not a bad one but still one.

I, naturally, and this has been my position way back, believe that you are either my friend or my lover, and if you are not either, you are then my enemy or someone to which I am indifferent. While it does in fact happen that one-time friends may become lovers (the blooming principle) and former lovers become rather good friends (the salvage principle), I have a suspicion that both instances hide motives well unlike love and benevolence. The friend-turned-lover was a wolf in sheep's clothing to begin with; he wishes to remain a friend so as to set-up and wait for the opportunity to tear out his disguise and turn into a lover. The former lover, and this belief might not be popular, I think lingers around as a supposedly concerned ("we…

Si Pascal tungkol sa Panahon

Hindi tayo kailanman nananatili sa kasalukuyan. Inaalala natin ang nakaraan; inaasahan natin ang hinaharap na para bagang natatagalan tayo sa pagdating nito at para bagang minamadali natin ito, o inaalala natin ang nakaraan upang para bagang pigilan ito sa mabilis na paglipad. Napakamangmang natin na gumagala-gala tayo sa mga panahong hindi nating pag-aari, at hindi pinag-iisipan ang iisang panahon na atin; napakabanidoso na pinapangarap natin ang mga panahong hindi umiiral at bulag na tinatakbuhan ang iisang panahon na umiiral. Ang katunayan ay masakit ang kasalukuyan. Tinutulak natin ito palayo sa ating paningin dahil binabahala tayo nito, at kung kalugod-lugod ito para sa atin, malungkot tayong mawala ito. Sinusubukan nating bigyan ito ng tukod ng kinabukasan, at iniisip kung paano natin maaayos ang mga bagay na wala naman sa ating kapangyarihan sa isang panahong hindi naman tiyak kung mararating natin.

Suriin ng bawat isa sa atin ang kanyang mga pinagmumunihan; makikita niya na t…

Ang Sandali ng Pag-ibig

HIRAM Inawit ni Zsa Zsa Padilla Titik at himig ni George Canseco

May isang umagang ‘di mo hahagkan
Ang mata kong ‘di ka magigisnan
Turuan mong ako’y huwag masaktan
Kahit ako para sa’yo
Ay isang hiram At hindi dapat magdamdam

‘Di mo lang alam na kahit pa mali
Naging langit ang bawa’t sandali
Magmula nang halik mo’y dumampi
Pag-ibig mo, pag-ibig ko kapwa hiram
Wala ka bang pakiramdam

‘Di ba ako’y tao lang na
Nadadarang at natutukso rin
Maiaalis mo ba sa ‘kin Na matutunan kang mahalin
Sa bawa’t sandaling hiram natin

Di ba ako’y tao lang na
Nadadarang at natutukso rin
Maiaalis mo ba sa ‘kin Na matutunan kang mahalin
Sa bawa’t sandaling hiram natin

May isang umagang ‘di mo hahagkan
Ang mata kong ‘di ka magigisnan
Turuan mong ako’y huwag masaktan
Kahit ako para sa’yo
Ay isang hiram At hindi dapat magdamdam
O hiram na kung hiram bawa’t saglit
Wala ako isa mang hinanakit
Basta’t kapiling ka’y langit
Walang sa ‘yo ay papalit
Hinding-hindi ako sa ‘yo magdaramdam

When Love is not Enough

When a relationship breaks down and eventually ends the reason given by the two former lovers for their divorce is less because love was gone, as if it were stolen or it suddenly disappeared, than because it was not enough to settle differences or overcome difficulties.

The end of love is not always a question of its disappearance or reversal (into hate, anger, etc.) but may be a problem of its weakness. Love, when shaken and challenged, when brought down from the heavens and planted on the dirty soil of reality, may reveal the cracks on its ivory face and betray two lovers who had placed their hope and faith--and lives--in it. Or again, love, which was supposed be strong enough to move mountains and brave enough to conquer all; love, supposed to be kind and patient; and love, which is merciful and does not keep a balance of wrongs (1 Cor 13:4-6)--to be sure, love, like any kind of strength, can waver, lack, weaken and ultimately--fail.

The failure of love, however, requires that it…

Bellarroca Island

In summer, the song sings itself. --William Carlos Williams--

The Real Thing

As with many passionate souls, the moment had come when his faith in life was faltering.
Camus, Notebooks

The turning point in the Ridley Scott film A Good Year finds the protagonist Max Skinner (Russel Crowe), a successful trader who just inherited from his deceased uncle the vineyard he grew up in, given two choices by his boss: "money or your life." He had an unplanned and prolonged visit to the vineyard to arrange selling it, but in his short stay he was able to revisit his youthful years and remember the happiness he once had but could no longer afford.

To be on a "holiday" unfortunately is unthinkable in the unforgiving world of trading. Wanting to know what he was committed to and where his heart lies, the owner of the firm, the no-nonsense German Sir Nigel, asks Skinner to decide on his own fate. Either he leaves with a discharge settlement "with a lot of zeros," or stay and accept an offer for a full partnership.

Before their short, straightforwa…