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Hospital Visit

I have been going to the hospital these past few weeks. It's that time of the year again. I've been to three, actually. The first is a to new, posh, and "world class" (according to them) medical city down south to visit my uncle, who is also my godfather. I've been going there with my father. The second, in the earlier part of the month, to a school affiliated hospital to visit an old friend. Thankfully, he was in and out. The third, to a national hospital nearby, which without me knowing why has been where I've gone to the past couple of years.

I had thought I was experiencing a dull, local pressure on the left side of my chest, or near where the heart lies (I really love that expression). Since men generally shrug off such things believing that ignorance is bliss, I only started to worry when the pressure didn't soon go away because that already meant it was not muscular. On top of exercising at home I've been going to the gym more often with my fa…

To My Self Ten Years Ago,

This should come as a surprise to you, may it be welcome or shocking. I am your future self, around ten years your elder.

I am writing this letter to give you advice. You will be graduating pretty soon, and I know (of course I know) that by this time you haven't made up your mind (let's be honest: you haven't the faintest clue) not only on what you will be doing next but also on what kind of life you aspire to live or what kind of person you wish to be. It is my hope that you get this in time.

Note that you do not need to be exactly the way I am or be where I am right now; I'd most probably discourage you ending up like me at this age. I am only like this or here because of the choices I have made--choices, to be sure, that you haven't decided upon or haven't even thought you'd have to make. Now that's confusing. What I want to say to you or myself now is that you are still free, and that what I am right now you really don't have to be. That's the…

Wear your Philosophy


[ . . . ]

Ikalawa, paano kung sapat naman ang pag-ibig na handog ng mangingibig?

May mga pagkakataon kung saan para bagang nasa tamang sukat at nasa tamang panahon ang pag-alay ng mangingibig sa kanyang iniibig. Sa ganitong mga pagkakataon (kahit minsan lamang ito mangyari) hindi rin humihingi ng tawad ang mangingibig. Para saan pa kung ang handog niyang regalo'y tinatanggap nang maluwalhati ng kanyang iniibig? Para saan pa kung nagbubunga agad ang pag-ibig sa pagitan ng dalawang mangingibig na para bagang sinukat para sa isa't isa. 

Ni hindi man lamang papasok sa isip ang salitang "pagpapatawad" kung maligaya ang mga mangingibig. Dahil hindi mapagpintas o naghahanap ng kakulangan ang mga maligayang nag-iibigan. Laging sapat para sa kanila ang lahat bagaman maaaring maraming pagkukulang sa katunayan. Na kahit maaari pa nga na madagdagan ang kanilang ikaliligaya, ni hindi na lalantad ang kaisipan na iyan dahil hindi dinadalamhati ng kaligayahan ang wala—bagkus ipinagdiri…