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Mula sa isang Katoto

. . . Nakakalambot naman po ng puso ang inyong sinulat. Naalala ko tuloy noong nagsimba ako at ang sabi ng pastor maging childlike tayo at hindi childish. Sapagkat kung tayo daw po ay tila parang mga batang sabik na sabik sa pag-ibig ng Diyos, hawig ng bagong sanggol sa unang pagkakataong makasipsip sa gatas ng kanyang ina, tayo ay patutuluyin sa Kanyang Kaharian. Kaya't sa ating pagtanda, marahil napakaimportante pa rin na patuloy tayong maging mga tagapagtangkilik ng mga bagay at pangyayari na kahit araw-araw na natin nakikita at nararanasan, patuloy pa rin tayong nagpapasalamat sapagkat simbolo sila ng mga bagay mula sa ating kahapon, mula sa ating kabataan. Kung susuriin pa natin ang mga bagay na ito, matutuklasan natin na tayo ay patuloy pa din na hinuhulma ng Panginoon, dinamiko ika nga. . . .

Ang mga Anak ng Pasko

Auf die Geburt eines Kindes
Friedrich Hölderlin

Wie wird des Himmels Vater schauen
Mit Freude das erwachs’ne Kind
Gehend auf blumenreichen Auen
Mit andern, welche lieb ihm sind.

Indessen freue dich des Lebens
Aus einer guten Seele kommt
Die Schönheit herrlichen Bestrebens,
Göttlicher Grund dir mehr noch frommt.

Sa Pagsilang ng Isang Bata

Paano makikita ng Makalangit na Ama
Nang anong galak ang batang lumaki
Naglalakad sa mga bulaklak sa kaparangan
Sa piling ng mga minamahal, hindi nag-iisa.

Samantala maging galak na nabubuhay ka
Mula sa mabuting kaluluwa sumisinag
Ang kagandahan ng isang dakilang pagpupunyagi,
Higit pa rin ang ipinagkakaloob ng banal.

On the Birth of a Child
Salin ni Michael Hamburger

How will the heavenly Father see,
With what delight, the child more grown
Walking through wildflowers of the lea
With others dear to it, not alone.

Meanwhile be glad that you are living,
From a good soul there issues forth
The beauty of a noble striving
Divine ends grant still greater wort…

Nietzsche's Heraclitus

Selections (in blue) from Nietzsche's "On the Pathos of Truth" (1872)


"The boldest knights among those addicted to glory, those who believe they will find their coat of arms hanging on a constellation, must be sought among the philosophers. They address their efforts not to a "public," to the agitation of the masses and the cheering applause of their contemporaries; it is in their nature to travel the road alone. Their talent is the rarest and, in a certain respect, the most unnatural in nature, shutting itself off from and hostile even to kindred talents. The wall of their self-sufficiency must be hard as diamond not to be shattered and destroyed, for everything is on the move against them, man and nature. Their journey to immortality is more arduous and impeded than any other, and yet no one can be as sure as the philosopher about reaching his goal, since he knows not where to stand, if not on the wings of all ages; for a disregard of the present and t…

The Dangerous Question

What if this life is not the life I really wanted? What if I really did not have a vocation?--and I only imagined or thought, even created the illusion itself, that I had one. What if I am not happy with my relationships?--that it is no longer love which enjoins me to others but merely custom and convenience. What if I am not happy with myself?--and that these smiles are the smiles of despair, ready give it all up at the slightest provocation: it is so easy to die. What if what I cautiously call "my faith" is really non-belief, even wrong, even a bastard faith? What if I hate life and imagine being otherwise?--but am only afraid to admit it. What if there is no reason for the  optimism that the best years are still to come?--and that in reality the best moments of my life have long passed, and what remains of my days will be repetition at best, and if not an inevitable tragedy no god can redirect. What if all is really vanity?--should I not then indulge in lust, pleasure, ex…