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Schelling on the Kinship of Philosophy and Art

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The Artist and the Work of Art
We are now in a position to see how in aesthetic production the conscious subject, or the self, is reconciled with the nonconsious object, or the world, in an absolute identity. Now such an absolute reconciliation of the no less absolute opposition between the self and the world is possible only because the absolute itself can be found nowhere else than in the very person of the artistic genius.
Schelling finds no difficulty in locating in the artistic genius the abode of the absolute. It is after all plain for Schelling that no other being is predisposed or falls prey more easily to contradiction, paradox, and conflict than the artist. Unlike the scientist who does not go beyond what is evident, and the logical philosopher who is afraid of contradictions, the artist not only thrives in opposition, but is himself a living contradiction.
One such contradiction is the ability of an artist to paint what he nowise saw nor could possibly see, to say wha…

Prayer for Aid

Deh fammiti vedere.

Oh, make me see Thee, Lord, where'er I go!
If mortal beauty sets my soul on fire,
That flame when near to Thine must needs expire,
And I with love of only Thee shall glow.
Dear Lord, Thy help I seek against this woe,
These torments that my spirit vex and tire;
Thou only with new strength canst re-inspire
My will, my sense, my courage faint and low.
Thou gavest me on earth this soul divine;
And Thou within this body weak and frail
Didst prison it-how sadly there to live!
How can I make its lot less vile than mine?
Without Thee, Lord, all goodness seems to fail.
To alter fate is God's prerogative.

--Michelangelo Buonarroti