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Of Sublimated Passions (Education)

Once you had passions and named them evil. But now you have only your virtues and passions of pleasure. . . .     . . . Ultimately all your passions became virtues and all your devils became angels.     Once you had wild dogs in your cellar, but ultimately they transformed into birds and lovely singers.     Out of your poisons you brewed your balsam; your cow, melancholy, you milked—now you drink the sweet milk of its udder.     And now nothing evil grows anymore out of you, unless it is the evil that grows from the struggle among your virtues.  (Thus Spoke Zarathustra I “On the Passions of Pleasure and Pain”)

Giving us a preview of how he will perform his “genealogy of morals,” Nietzsche traces above where our virtues and notions of goodness come from. According to him, what we now deem as good, or as virtuous, or accepted, or proper—all these present valuations can be traced back to what they once were: great passions.
At issue then here is how these originally wild, dangerous passions we…

Waiting for New Gods in a Time of Danger: A Lecture

The world's darkening never reaches to the light of Being. We are too late for the gods and too   early for Being. Being's poem,   just begun, is man.                 --Heidegger "The Thinker as Poet"

In “The Question Concerning Technology,” Heidegger says that while modern technology enframes beings by challenging them to present themselves as things which may serve our own purposes, modern technology, he asserts, is nevertheless a way of revealing. That is to say, even when man sets upon beings his own will and intentions, man nonetheless participates in the unfolding of truth, in its unconcealment.  Aletheia—the name the Greeks gave to that dynamic disclosure and concealment of truth—happens even today in our dark times, although for the most part only in a technical way. Just the same, truth is still able to manifest itself, even in a distorted and hidden manner. This is so because the truth of Being, whatever time it may be, and even in the hour of greatest danger, w…