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The Assault of Love: On Caravaggio's Annunciation

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 Jn. 4:18
To be chosen, to be favored over another—would not such an honor bring about great pleasure and delight? Not everybody, to be sure, is privileged to be selected. To be chosen means to be paradoxically distinguished from other equally tenable possibilities. No decision takes place if the best choice is already obvious because of its own merits and consequently the lack of it in others. All that is needed is to observe, weigh, and compare, and by elimination, as in a beauty pageant, the queen is distinguished from the hypothetically less beautiful, the supposedly undeserving. Whence the smiles and tears of the victor as she is crowned and adorned with flowers, bathing in confetti: she was chosen among others, because of her charm, beauty, intelligence, her body, or by whatever standards which, definitely, were already determined before she or any…

[Payapang Daigdig]

Written by Pat Nogoy, S.J.

Payapang Daigdig Felipe de Leon, Sr. 
Ang gabi'y payapa Lahat ay tahimik  Pati mga tala      Sa bughaw na langit 

Kay hinhin ng hangin Waring umiibig          Sa kapayapaan          Ng buong daigdig     
Payapang panahon    Ay diwa ng buhay Biyaya ng Diyos       Sa sangkatauhan
Ang gabi'y payapa Lahat ay tahimik Pati mga tala Sa bughaw na langit  
Pati mga tala           Sa bughaw na langit

The gift delivers Being/being Jean Luc Marion

There is something about the night.
The blanket of darkness hovering the other half of the day sparks ambivalence. Everything is the same in darkness—fear, joy, pain, triumph, doubt, glory, sorrow. Identities recede unto the vast anonymity. There is a pervading anxiety where existence slips into nothingness. One is never certain what to make out of darkness; maybe that is why the night shakes us because we never know. One cannot avoid imagining a something that is greater, higher, mightier, (even sinister) that lurks (hence the power of ghos…

Kung Bakit Matagal Maghilom ang Puso

Tugon Sa Kaibigang Walang Pangalan:

"Bakit nga kaya may mga taong kay bilis maghilom ang pusong nasugatan? Mas magaling lang kaya silang mag uto sa mga taong nasa paligid nila? O sadyang hindi ganuon kalalim ang pagmamahal na kanilang ibinahagi? At bakit may ibang inaabot ng taon ang pagluluksa? Masokista lang kaya talaga sila? O sadyang tuluyan na silang nabaliw at hinayaang maiwan sila ng pag ikot ng mundo?"

Madalas ngang mangyari na mabilis maghilom ang mga sugat dahil hindi ito ganoon kalalim. Baka galos lamang, kaya madaling magsara. Minsa'y ni hindi mo man ito kailangang pansinin o asikasuhin (gamot, bandage, tahi): nariyan lang, maliit, di kapansin-pansin, at sa isang linggo'y mawawalang ni walang bakas. Ganoon din yata sa pag-ibig: may mga umiibig nang hindi ganoon kalalim kaya naman hindi masasaktan ang puso kapag nabigo. Paglalandi, nagtampisaw lamang sa dalampasigan, hindi lumundag, walang pangangahas, walang pagtataya--wala ring mawawala. Ngunit baka isang…


I have died everyday
waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I'll love you for a
Thousand more --Cristina Perri, "A Thousand Years" 

What makes it possible to say that I have loved someone for a thousand years, and that I will continue to love a thousand more? What makes it possible for me to stretch time, even break its limits, that is, to destroy it, in order to say and mean that my love overcomes time and its horizon? At bottom, and I have asked this a thousand times or more--why can love suspend and more so transgress the universal law and preordained rule of time? At stake here is this: If love be beholden to time, what becomes of it? Can it still claim what it claims--its unto death do us parts, it forevers, its alwayses, or its promises? Or would admitting its inferiority and weakness to time's rule weaken it, and steal from it its very essence and richness, which is its ability to stake itself and its future for wha…

Do It Yourself Christmas Kit

Christmas is here. Not yet, really, but I will it so. There are occasions that you cannot force to come before schedule--New Year, Lent, All Soul's Day, your birthday--and to do so will just be plain silly. But Christmas oh! you sure can.  It has been frequently said that our country has the longest yuletide season. We begin hearing carols by September. We see obsessive compulsives doing their shopping in October (or are they just smart or scrimping, taking advantage of the end of October sales?). Christmas trees are put up early November after the days devoted to the dead and saints and Halloween, which is always an all too human transition: from the grave to the cradle. (Death cannot stay in our minds longer than bearable.) And the holidays do not end after Christmas but the day before the first working or school day. We double Germans and their Octoberfest easily.

I have willingly submitted myself to joining the Christmas parade. Even if the spirit has not really possessed me …