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Living without Why

The Discovery of a Lifetime

The longest roads end when you have met yourself. Whichever roads you take, whichever plans you wish to fulfill or decisions you have to see through to the end, they only lead to the citadel within. May it be your passion, your faith, your love--these are all pursued or sought not only in order to gain something else or to just claim the happiness you aspire to have; these,unbeknownst to you for the most part, reveal themselves to be means: their end is the triumphant discovery of who you are.

You discover yourself usually by the process of elimination. At the beginning no one really knows who he is. Life begins with a bottomless freedom which enables us to seek many possibilities. When I was young, I could be anything I wanted to become. In the realm of possibilities, nothing is forbidden, as with the young. Naturally, through the years and through the experiences the world cannot but give, we learn to test ourselves against these multiple possibilities. I find out what works, what I …