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What to Write?

Should I write about a recent trip with the family? The joy it was to be together again for the first time in a while. The trips to the shopping malls and the old favorites we have for dining places there (especially the Sunday Champagne Brunch at Nicholini's and roasted goose at Yung Kee). We try to visit Hong Kong every year, and have so since we were children, and that's it, we become children in that not so far away place where you basically do nothing but enjoy. But it's the family, really. Always has been.

Or do I write about coming home sick, with chills as soon as I got into the car from the airport, how weird it was. The shift in temperatures--the plane itself had bipolar airconditioning--from the plane to the airport to the waiting docks to the car and to the house. Never had I perspired at night while sleeping; all that pent-up heat a weary body harbors, only to be slowly released asleep. I am tired. But work is work, and you do your best. Then you rest like no…

How Love Changes You

We hear it said often, as if a warning or a reprimand, that the beloved should not change you. When you change because someone has entered your little life, apparently a kind of violence occurs. What was once strengthened by habit and preference, that indolence and leisure, now have to give way to an unannounced guest who reorganizes not only your days but ultimately also your life.

Your schedule will have to if not revolve around him (because one still has to make a living, attend to family and friends, etc.), make a lot of room for him; this need cannot but translate to hours previously devoted to other concerns, usually for one's self and sanity and rest, being taken away from you so as to be given to him. To decide to love is to decide to work more, sometimes much more than you can handle. That decision, always sweet and taken lightly at the beginning, can, when you become weary like a body after continued strain, become more than what it once was. You find out love, as with …

Northern Rains