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On Breaks

We're on a semestral break, and yet I do not feel it. Recently, I've been thinking of how to turn it into one. What shall I do? There's a forthcoming trip, there are chances to not do anything, there are friends. But I figured, I do that already even if work is there; so what would be the difference? What is a break, really?

To define it precisely, a break is a disruption of the everyday and the mundane, cutting the otherwise tedious continuity of life and its requirements. That is why rest is usually considered to be that kind of withdrawal from the routine--a decision that I will not do what I have to for there is no necessity required from without or within. We rest and have leisure because work can be "toil and trouble," and living, as we know quite well, is never easy. Resting requires "taking it slow," not forcing yourself to do anything, putting off what is asked from us to do.

Yet this got me thinking: Whoever in the first place required work a…


Moving In

He brought two short glasses with him and fell on the chair like an old tree that crashed on the ground. I poured the whiskey I brought for him generously, and without a word we raised the glasses to our lips at the same time. He took a deep breath. We were no longer aware what time it was; turns out it was past midnight, and everyone in the apartment was already asleep--his wife, his father and mother, his sister, and his nieces he took care of in the absence of their parents who worked abroad. I helped him move in to his new place he was to rent. He and his parents decided to sell their house because he told me it was becoming difficult to maintain and his parents were already getting old. Unlike their previous place, the apartment was a two-bedroom affair which, like most homes for big families with modest means, was a room too small. Though we were not yet finished arranging their wooden furniture and old appliances, he told me he'd take care of that in the morning. I agreed.…

Building Dwelling Thinking

The Espresso

She settled for a corner table in the café with her espresso. After walking and really not finding anything interesting in the plaza, she had decided to waste more time by trying one of those dainty small cups of caffeine she had seen others seem to enjoy. She had always wanted to try an espresso but she didn't know how to drink it or how she would appear to others if she had it. But boredom makes you try anything new. She did not, in fact, like her first sip; she wondered what was so great about that dark bitter shot that you usually have to dilute with water or milk and sweeten by sugar. Why want something so raw? Now she knew. Long days, the same people, the tedious paper work she pretended she attended to with great care and even passion, all the pretty smiles--one cannot but go crazy after a while. We do such work, she thought, because we wouldn't know what to do with our time. Or others had dreams. Or others were practical. She knew that for her it wasn't about the …

Huling Lektura: Ilang Pagmumuni Tungkol sa Pag-asa ayon kay Charles Pèguy

Para sa aking mahal na mga mag-aaral ng Pilosopiya ng Relihiyon Seksyon M at N Semestre I 2012-13

Bakit kaya maihahambing angisang musmos o bata sa pag-asa? Ano ang taglay ng mga bata na sumasalamin sa kakayahan nating umasa? Bakit sila, at hindi ang matatanda, ang mga nagtatrabaho, ang mga marurunong na sa buhay, bakit mga bata pa, higit sa lahat, ang may karunungan tungkol sa pag-asa?
Pansinin ang mga bata, sabi sa atin ni Pèguy, kung nais mong matutunan kung paano umasa. Tignan sila. Ano ang katangian nila? Paano sila? Sino sila? Ang nakalulungkot ay kung paanong para bagang mahaba na ang panahong lumipas mula ng tayo’y naging bata. Parang ibang tao na sila. Parang nakalimutan na natin kung paano maging bata. Minsan lang daw kasi tayo maging bata.
Ang mga bata, kung iyong titignan, ay hindi napapagod. Gaya ng pag-asa. Gaya ng puso na walang kaubusan. Tignan kung paano sila tumakbo. Hindi sila marunong maglakad. Kailangan laging tumakbo. Pareho lang naman ang mararating maglakad man sila…