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The Current

The door opens as it always does at this time. It is four in the afternoon and she had been waiting all day. She is pushed forward slowly until the front wheels of her chair gently touch the concrete floor. She wants to adjust her position, shift her weight so she will not be sore again, and her companion helps her by lifting her, holding her under her arms. It is a humid afternoon. It rained earlier, the kind of shower which is neither too heavy nor too light, just the irritating kind which doesn't really make you wet but you'd still rather bring an umbrella. The help tries to cool the old woman by fanning her. But she refuses. She had been in the cold all day as she watched her regular shows, had her soup and bread, and her afternoon nap. There is nothing really to see on the street she has been looking at everyday. The street of the house her married daughter owned was not a very busy one. Just a few meters down their street ends, so she has already recognized the cars tha…