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Necessary Untruths

We always say we want to know the truth.

When someone seems to hide it from us, that is, deceives us, we become careful and wary of them. One of the worst feelings to be sure is to know you have been tricked. More importantly, in the endeavours we commit ourselves to, may it be in business, the academe, in our personal relationships, we value and require honesty and sincerity. These values are the tenets which make any relationship possible: for if I cannot trust you, how can I deal with you or speak with you or even love you? So we want the truth. At all costs usually. The dishonest man, the thief, the deceiver all lose our trust and then are banished either by the force of law or the viciousness of spite.

I always ask my class this question: Behind the fear of being deceived and being taken advantage of; and more fundamental than the security which truth-telling requires--what is it really in the truth that we want? Or need? Or love? What about the truth, positively, do we require …