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Marrying Mary and the Fears of Saint Joseph

T he Scriptures are mostly silent about the man who would become the father of Christ while He walked the earth. He does not even enter any of the scenes of Mark and John. He is given no words to speak in any of the Gospels. Even though he was of royal origins, belonging to the house of David, Butler says that Joseph nevertheless lived in “humble obscurity as a carpenter.” I see no contradiction here. Joseph was a maker of things; he worked with his hands, he lived by his actions, not by words. His was a hidden life. Aside from being the patron of the universal Church, of all fathers, and of a peaceful death, Joseph will later be named the patron of all workers (celebrated each year on the first of May), for all of us who silently toil to find a living on this earth. He quietly taught his son his trade for most of that time where the writers, too, were silent about the life of the Messiah—or in those missing pages between the times the young Christ was lost and found in the temple at t…