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Chaos, Cloud, Abyss

It's good to live in anxiety,  good to hear one's teeth chatter in fear, good to push life to the brink of ruin  and start afresh next morning.                                                –Bohumil Hrabal

Of course, we would rather have it easy. Everything is clean and foreseen, everything planned, thus everything is “as expected." There’s a feeling that you are in control: what you expect and even demand, is what you get--as if by right and by privilege. We see this especially in those who age. Finding out that one has to at some point be responsible for one’s own life, we gather ourselves and summon all our strength in pursuing goals, goals we set out for ourselves, but really they are the goals of other people, thinking these ends will make us happy--because their accomplishment, we again think, shall give us solid ground to stand on, to build on ever anew. 
There is some truth to this. Getting what you want is always rewarding. But there are no surprises here. Whet…