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An Excerpt

"From the right height everything comes together: the thoughts of the philosopher, the work of the artist, and good deeds."  —Friedrich Nietzsche

The moon waxes and wanes, fights and gives up, as stars may light up the skies or altogether hide—as does our love for this earth. Whether it is a question of having enough time or having the lucidity of a mind which recognizes clearly what the heart truly seeks, everything still comes down to a decision which settles where you will finally stake the rest of your days. The choices are there, but they have to be taken: “Money or your life”? What I love or my obligations? To risk a departure so as to follow him who calls on me, or to remain in the certainty that the walls I built will not be destroyed? To linger among the ruins of the past or to risk making a new beginning? And to hope—or to pull the trigger of the revolver that concludes nothing can be had in this world no matter how much you love? Van Gogh’s life teaches us that lov…